There are multiple versions of CodeSkulptor: CodeSkulptor runs Python 2 and CodeSkulptor3 runs Python 3.


CodeSkulptor was created in 2012 as a tool for teaching Python programming, especially to beginners. A driving goal is to be very easy to use. Some of its main advantages for teaching are

CodeSkulptor is used in two specializations that currently run on Coursera, “Fundamentals of Computing” and “An Introduction to Scripting in Python”. The courses in these specializations were created by Scott Rixner, Joe Warren, Luay Nakhleh, John Greiner, and Stephen Wong. It is also used in Computer Science courses at Rice University.

CodeSkulptor is freely available for all to use in order to help advance computer science education. It is in use across the world in both secondary and university education. We encourage you to make use of CodeSkulptor for education in any way you find valuable!


Your privacy is important. CodeSkulptor3 does not collect personal information and all users are anonymous.

All saved files are stored indefinitely. These files are only used by CodeSkulptor3 for two purposes:

  1. To provide the service: Saved files are delivered to you within CodeSkulptor3 whenever you access their URL. If you share a CodeSkulptor3 URL, anyone with that URL can also access the file that is associated with that URL.
  2. To perform educational research: The files are also used for educational research into understanding and improving computer science education. They are used anonymously (there is no way to know who authored any specific file) and they are only used for the direct purposes of the research.

By saving files in CodeSkulptor3, you agree to allow those files to be used for these purposes.

CodeSkulptor3 uses Plausible Analytics to track overall trends in the usage of the site. Plausible Analytics only collects aggregated information, does not collect personal data, and does not use cookies. You can see exactly what is being gathered on our public analytics dashboard. For more information, please see the Plausible Data Policy.


CodeSkulptor3 uses https. This means that your programs will only be able to load files (images, sounds, or by using urllib) using https. If you have programs that try to load resources using URLs beginning with "http://", CodeSkulptor3 will try to convert those URLs to use "https://". However, if your resource does not support the https protocol, then this will not work.

All files hosted by us support loading via https. If you are trying to load your own resources, you will need to make sure that you host them somewhere that supports https.


CodeSkulptor3 was built by Scott Rixner. Marie Chatfield designed and implemented an initial version of the current user interface. CodeSkulptor3's documentation was developed by John Greiner, Joe Warren, and Scott Rixner.

CodeSkulptor3 is based upon the following software packages:

CodeSkulptor3 utilizes the following services:

CodeSkulptor3 makes use of the following resources: