CodeSkulptor was created in 2012 as a tool for teaching Python programming, especially to beginners. A driving goal is to be very easy to use. Some of its main advantages for teaching are

CodeSkulptor is used in two specializations that currently run on Coursera, “Fundamentals of Computing” and “An Introduction to Scripting in Python”. The courses in these speciaization were created by Scott Rixner, Joe Warren, Luay Nakhleh, John Greiner, and Stephen Wong. It is also used in Computer Science courses at Rice University.

CodeSkulptor was built by Scott Rixner and Marie Chatfield. John Greiner develops CodeSkulptor's documentation.

CodeSkulptor is based upon the following software packages:

The icons used in CodeSkulptor are part of the GLYPHICONS Halflings set, provided for free use with Bootstrap.

The title font is Delius, made available by Google Fonts.